Permax Protection

We are here to help

Our technical and structural engineering department can provide you with an optimised solution based on your specific structural loadings and fire performance requirements.

We understand that successfully achieving the vision architects have for a new project is often premised on attention to detail. Our technical team can assist by providing expert knowledge which can be pivotal in ensuring your designs are achieved. This differentiates us from many other fire rating firms who respond to requests, rather than finding an optimal solution.

In fact we can help in the following ways:

  • We offer full coating specification services
  • Advice can be provided with regards to the treatment of intumescent coated steel in particular design details. For instance, the scenarios detailed in the Technical Advisory Notes (TAN) below:
    • Core-Filling Technical Advisory Note
    • Lightweight Cladding
    • Plasterboard Proximity Technical Advisory NOte
    • Metal Stud Frame – SC902
    • Primers and Top Seals
  • We can liaise directly with the project engineers to ascertain relevant structural information to comply with the relevant fire rating level.
  • Nullifire Australia can provide the relevant product warranties and supply product maintenance and repair guides. However, it is important to note separate warranties for top seal and primer systems are required.
  • Provide guidance with selecting various range of architectural finishes which are achievable for your design.

Key projects

Nullifire products have been proudly used as the intumescent of choice on a number of recent constructions including:

5 Martin Place SYDNEY Old Commonwealth Bank Building ‘The Money Box’

Nullifire SC902 “Fast Track’ Hybrid intumescent basecoat was sele...

Brisbane International Airport - Air New Zealand lounge

Brisbane International Airport is mid-way through planned upgrade works. Perm...

Carrara Gardens Golf & Tennis Academy - Gold Coast

Nullifire SC902 was selected for this project for its proven track record of ...

Gold Coast Turf Club

Originally we were requested to fire rate all structural steel on the project...