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Across the country, Nullifire products have been applied for over ten years to new, existing and refurbished buildings and structures. From the humidity and storms of North Queensland, to the dry, hot conditions of Perth.

Townsville Hospital

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This was the first project to use Nullifire SC902 in Australia. With open construction and North Queensland’s tropical heat & wet weather conditions only Nullifire SC902 could offer water resistance within one hour off application. With torrential rains caused from Cyclone Ita & Cyclone Marcia in 2014 the client was extremely impressed with the water resistance capabilities of Nullifire SC902 he was sure the coatings would have washed off like vermiculite and would have to be reapplied causing lengthy delays in the building program and delaying hand over this did not occur.
Only Nullifire SC902 will remain and not wash off in rainy weather events.
Nullifire SC902 1 v Cyclone Ita & Cyclone Marcia 0.
Also carried out on the Townsville Hospital Project was the fire wrapping of cable & electrical trays, fire rating of ductwork & passive fire stopping.
Other health projects include.
  • PA Hospital Brisbane
  • Royal Brisbane Hospital
  • Campbelltown Hospital Sydney
  • Lake Macquarie Private Hospital
  • Logan Hospital
  • QIMR Hospital Brisbane
  • Harvey Bay Oral & Cancer Centre