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Across the country, Nullifire products have been applied for over ten years to new, existing and refurbished buildings and structures. From the humidity and storms of North Queensland, to the dry, hot conditions of Perth.

Melbourne Airport - Terminal 4

Industry: Commercial
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The recently opened Southern Precinct of Melbourne Airport Terminal 4 and Pier G developments commenced construction late 2013. The Airport was to remain fully operational during the construction process and thus all facets of construction were subject to a critical path analysis to deliver the project on time. A substantial amount of structural steel was included in the design of the various structures with over 2,700 tonnes of steel requiring 120 min fire protection with an intumescent coating system. The availability of a hybrid intumescent coating, Nullifire SC902, provided the solution to deliver the productivity outcomes required for this critical component of the project. By carrying out the intumescent coating application off-site (65,000kgs), the coated steel could be delivered to the construction site as finished sections ready for erection to meet the priorities of the construction program, minimising delays. Because bolted connections could be coated on-site at a later stage of construction the following trades could install services without disruption or delay.