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Across the country, Nullifire products have been applied for over ten years to new, existing and refurbished buildings and structures. From the humidity and storms of North Queensland, to the dry, hot conditions of Perth.

Gold Coast Turf Club

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Originally we were requested to fire rate all structural steel on the project. This is a request we receive too often when a builder is unclear on which steel elements require fire protection. The original tender for this project was over $250,000.00 which is why we recommended that the builder engage a fire engineer to assess the projects fire protection design and identify which steel members required fire rating after engaging a fire engineer  the tender was revised to come in under $100,000.00. The engagement of a fire engineers was money well spent as it ensured a saving of over $150,000.00

The works were carried out with a mixture of Fire Protection Solutions, Fire Encasement Board, Intumescent Coatings and Vermiculite. The entire time of the works being carried out had we  constant pressure to complete the works but due to the vermiculite product being selected and rainy weather conditions and no short cuts being taken to ensure the correct film thickness were applied time could not be saved.

The builder has now one the Carrara Gardens Golf & Tennis Academy Project on the Gold Coast and is running with Nullifire SC902 as they have seen the speed of application and water resistant capabilities. Only Nullifire SC902 offers water resistance for open constructions and rapid output to ensure no delays in the building program.