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A Construction site with strctural steel ready for the Permax team to spray with Nullifire intumescent

SC902 Hybrid Intumescent

Internal and External Use

Created to provide optimal performance on either internal or external steel, Nullifire SC902 is a low VOC, one coat, fast track, high build system, based on patented technology that offers fire protection up to 120 minutes.

Getting Started with the SC902 Hybrid Intumescent

Formulated to provide optimal performance on either internal or external steel, Nullifire SC902 is a low VOC, single application, fast track, high build system, based on patented technology that offers fire protection up to 120 minutes.

Nullifire SC902 is the world's only 'Hybrid' intumescent coating system that delivers unrivalled performance compared to all other celluosic intumescent coatings.


  • 60% faster application and curing times compared to other intumescents
  • Suitable for both off-site or on-site application - internal or external steel - low VOC
  • High build, single application 'Fast Track' process delivers high productivity gains allowing for faster delivery of floors to following trades
  • Rapid curing - early weather resistance within 1 hour of application - ideal for open construction sites - saves on labour costs and time delays
  • Very surface tolerant - can be applied directly to flash rusted steel - cures in low temperatures - down to zero C and high humidity - 85%+RH
  • Small application equipment footprint - standard airless spray application
  • Not a 'wet trade' - faster, cleaner, durable and easy to repair
  • Full certification to Australian Standards – AS 1530.4 and AS 4100
  • Extensive use on Australian projects in all States

Key Product Benefits

  • Designed for off- or on-site use
  • Fast cure, even at 0ºC, touch dry in one hour
  • Early weather resistance, shower proof within one hour
  • High build potential with all ratings possible in one application
  • Self-priming system tolerant of light rusting to steel, up to two weeks post blasting
  • Fire rating up to 120 minutes - assessed in accordance with Australian Standards AS1530.4-2005 and AS4100-1998 by a Registered Testing Authority recognized under the IANZ agreement.

Technical Information


‘Prohesion’ Cyclic Corrosion test to ASTM G85:2009 Annex A5 At 1000 hours Maximum extent of undercut corrosion 6.00mm from scribe mark.

Note: The above test was carried out on a primer-less steel substrate

European Technical Assessment (ETA) has been issued on the basis ETAG 018 Fire Protective

Products Part 1: General and Part 2: Reactive Coatings for Fire Protection of Steel Elements.

Nullifire SC902 has been approved for use in the following environments :-

Type Z2 – Internal Conditions

Type Z1 – Internal with High Humidity

Type Y – Internal and Semi-Exposed Conditions

Type X – All Conditions (inc. external)

Certification tested to

BS476 Part 2 - 1987 and EN13381:Part 8 assessed to Australian standards AS1530.4‑2005 and AS4100-1988

Building Classification

C1, C2 and C3 environments

Nullifire SC902 is not classified as carcinogenic in accordance with the harmonized classifications under Annex VI of Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (“CLP Regulation”).

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