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SC803 Water-based Intumescent Basecoat

Internal use intumescent

Nullifire SC803 has been designed to provide fire rated protection for internal and C1 and C2 environments for up to 60 minutes.

SC803 Water-based Intumescent Overview

Nullifire pioneered water-based intumescent technology through its S707 range, but has raised the level with SC803. Designed to be easy to apply, 803 has low VOCs and is compatible with a range of top-seals, making it a perfect internal fire rating solution. 

SC803-60 Intumescent Basecoat is a white thin film intumescent coating for the fire protection of internal structural steelwork.

Key Product Attributes

  • Water-based 
  • 60 minute FRL
  • Can be roller or air-brush applied
  • Compatible with a range of top coats allowing a decorative/protective finish to be achieved
  • Is a CE marked product with very low VOC emissions and no substances of high concern.

Technical Information



An ultra-lowVOC, multi-coat, water‑based formulation


Assessed in accordance with Australian standards AS1530.4‑2005 and AS4100-1998

Building Classification

C1 and C2 environments (internal only)


Specific Gravity

1.38 ±0.02

Volume Solids

69% ±3%


0.5 g/litre

Theoretical Coverage

1000 g/m² based on an applied @ 0.5mm dry film thickness


Store in secure, dry warehouse conditions between +5°C and +35°C

Shelf Life

Six (6)  months when stored as recommended in original unopened container

Application Advice

The following advice is for on-site application only. Before application ensure:

  • Primer is compatible with SC803 and has been applied correctly
  • The overcoating period for the primer has not been exceeded
  • The correct primer for Galvanized steel has been used
  • Any and all damage to the primer is fixed and re-primed
  • Site and weather conditions are within specification ranges
  • SC803 drums have been stored correctly
  • Surface is clean, dry and free of contaminants
  • Correct spray equipment is used if appropriate
  • Application instructions have been read prior to commencement
  • Ensure different basecoats are NOT applied to the same steel section
  • Wet film guages are available for use. 

For further advice and product attributes, please download a copy of our Technical Data sheets and product data prior to application.

  • SC803 TDS
  • SC803 MSDS
  • SC803 Green Building Product Information