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The Components of an Intumescent Coating

Nov 23, 2020

The decision on whether to encase steel sections, or leave them exposed for architectural purposes is one which often comes down to the preferred aestehtic look of the building. Where the design calls for the steel to be exposed the use of Hybrid intumescents - such as Nullifire SC902 - is generally recommended due to the excellent fire performance it acheives and the ability it offers for top-coating. 

Where a hybrid intumescent is chosen as the preferred option there are multiple components which are involved:

  • Steel Preparation (which can include galvanising or blasting) 
  • Primer
  • Intumescent as basecoat
  • Top seal / finishing coat
The components involved in correctly applying a hybrid intumescent coating

If you would like more information on the use of thin film intumescents or require advice on specifying intumescent, please contact our team. 

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