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Why Nullifire are at the forefront of Passive Fire Rating technology

At Permax, we offer more than just access to passive fire rating solutions and products. We offer products, expertise, fire engineering advice and product application. This means that we have exposure to many different product types let alone products.
What this gives us is deep insight into what the market has to offer allowing us to make determinations as the best products for the Australian market. Whilst we do not offer many of the products available elsewhere around the world, we do use and recommend a number of different Nullifire products and for good reason.

Key projects

Nullifire products have been proudly used as the intumescent of choice on a number of recent constructions including:

5 Martin Place SYDNEY Old Commonwealth Bank Building ‘The Money Box’

Nullifire SC902 “Fast Track’ Hybrid intumescent basecoat was sele...

Brisbane International Airport - Air New Zealand lounge

Brisbane International Airport is mid-way through planned upgrade works. Perm...

Carrara Gardens Golf & Tennis Academy - Gold Coast

Nullifire SC902 was selected for this project for its proven track record of ...

Gold Coast Turf Club

Originally we were requested to fire rate all structural steel on the project...