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What Makes a Good Fire Protection Coating?

As with all things in life, there are multiple opinions on what makes something good. When it comes to fire rating, there is no single treatment which everyone agrees on either. Some people focus on price, others on ease of application, others on suitability for conditions. And others again, on some combination of all these and more.
At Permax, we have our own beliefs, and we're going to share them with you. 

Why Australian Buildings Need Passive Fire Protection

The genre around buildings and construction or building maintenance are hardly "sexy" topics. So, it's no wonder that when it comes to building protection, fire rating hardly rates a mention (no pun intended). When you see scenes in a movie where a building is on fire, you see images of fire suppression systems (extinguishers, drenching systems, smoke alarms). These can be dramatised so they have appeal. But you never see a closeup of the steel stressing under heat. It is just not that exciting.
But exciting or not, it needs to be something you know about - so have a read and see what you pick up

The mechanics of Passive Fire Protection

Are you looking to find out an answer to a timeless question – what are intumescents? If so, then this is for you. We break down the science, the process and the advantages in this blog. 

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Key projects

Nullifire products have been proudly used as the intumescent of choice on a number of recent constructions including:

5 Martin Place SYDNEY Old Commonwealth Bank Building ‘The Money Box’

Nullifire SC902 “Fast Track’ Hybrid intumescent basecoat was sele...

Brisbane International Airport - Air New Zealand lounge

Brisbane International Airport is mid-way through planned upgrade works. Perm...

Carrara Gardens Golf & Tennis Academy - Gold Coast

Nullifire SC902 was selected for this project for its proven track record of ...

Gold Coast Turf Club

Originally we were requested to fire rate all structural steel on the project...