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Across the country, Nullifire products have been applied for over ten years to new, existing and refurbished buildings and structures. From the humidity and storms of North Queensland, to the dry, hot conditions of Perth.

Sydney Coliseum Theatre

Industry: Entertainment

The Cox Architecture designed and Hansen Yuncken built Sydney Coliseum Theatre is designed to be Sydney's most flexible, modern theatre, banquet and concert destination. Located in Rooty Hill, the new venue aims to become a premier detsination for the arts, entertainment and corporate functions industries. 

Permax were approached early in the project life, as the builders and acrchitects on the project (Hansen Yuncken and Cox Architecture respectively) sought advice and design solutions which would help achieve the necessary fire rating requirements without impacting the building's impressive aesthetics.

Our engineering team (including Samia) helped to modify the steel schedule and construction methodology in such a way that application of SC902  was both easy and financially economical and would cause only minimal if any impact on other trades. To achieve the latter, we recommended that SC902 be applied off-site and transported from South Australia. The steel was coated and shipped with little to no damage, showcasing the resilience of the product, whilst also improving construction timelines. 

The impressive new complex is now complete and open for business. Check it out at the Sydney Coliseum Theatre Website.